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Maine Summer School Scholarship Form


2018 New England School of Addiction Studies

June 4 - 7, 2018, Worcester State University, Worcester, MA



Maine Department of Health & Human Services,

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Scholarships


The Maine DHHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services provides limited partial scholarship awards. Priority is given to those who have not received a state-funded scholarship in the past three years, and scholarships are distributed across as many agencies as possible.

Any remaining balance and travel are the responsibility of the participant. Scholarships are paid directly to AdCare Educational Institute. You, and/or your agency, are responsible for paying the remainder of program fees.

In addition to the partial scholarships, Maine SAMHS usually awards two special Maine full scholarships in memory of Maine people who contributed a great deal to the New England Summer Schools over the years. If you also wish to apply for the:

· Harold Miner Scholarship or the

· Paul MacFarland Scholarship (for those working in medication assisted treatment),

Please provide brief narrative comments to the special questions requested at the end of the scholarship form. 

Deadline for scholarship applications Deadline: EXTENDED to Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

Be sure to fill out the entire application.     

For scholarship related questions, please contact:

Theresa Witham

Department of Health & Human Services

Office of Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services


*Scholarship funds are limited. Filling out an application is not a guarantee of award. 

Scholarship Application Instructions:

Please complete the form below to be considered for a scholarship from your state agency.

Required questions are noted with a red star.

In the last section, click on the orange "Submit" button to submit your scholarship application. Once your application is submitted, you will see a page that says "Thank you for your application". You will also see a small printer near the top of the page, which you can select to print a copy of your submitted application for your files.

Please note that a scholarship application is separate from your Summer School registration.

  • If you have not registered for the Summer School, visit, and click on the "Summer School" menu and select the "Register" link. 

Scholarship Application Form:



Please provide your professional development plan and explain how the School will help meet your professional development goals using the fields provided.

If selected, you will be responsible for ensuring payment of any remaining portion of your balance.


If you do not wish to apply for the additional Harold Miner scholarship below, click on orange "Submit" button at the bottom of this form to complete your application now.
In addition to the partial scholarships on this application form, Maine SAMHS usually awards a special Maine full scholarship in memory of a Maine person who contributed a great deal to the New England Summer Schools over the years. If you also wish to apply for the Harold Miner Scholarship, please provide narrative comments addressing the questions below.

If you do not wish to apply for this special scholarship, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of this form to complete your application.
1. Please discuss your interest in the Summer School program. What influenced your decision to register for the program?
2. What do you hope to learn from this experience, professional and personally?
3. What contributions have you made to the field of addiction treatment, prevention, and recovery in Maine?
4. How do you believe that your participation in the school will enhance your contribution to the field in Maine?

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