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Summer School Registration Instructions
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Congratulations for deciding to join us in June!

The staff and board of the New England Institute is delighted that you will be joining us this June at Eastern Connecticut State University. The New England Schools of Addiction and Prevention Studies is an event unlike any other you have attended.


In order to ensure a smooth registration process, here are a few tips to help walk you through our new process:

1) Highlight the CE Events tab in our menu you will see Summer School as one of the sub-tabs. Under this tab you will find all the information you need to plan your week.

2) You can start by looking at the Week’s Schedule. This will give you an idea of the flow of the event.

3) Then you can review our Plenary Speakers to see what large events you will be attending.

4) To get an idea of what courses you may want to attend, you can review our Track Listing that groups course titles into intentional clusters.

For instance, if you are a new addiction counselor there is a track called Addiction Fundamentals for New Counselors. All told there are over 20 tracks including tracks for seasoned mental health providers, administrators, faith-based providers, and medically assisted treatment, and many more.

5) You will notice that some courses last all four days and others last two days, but the majority of courses last one day. Courses are clustered under heading that state their length, however, the course numbers also include the letter(s) of the week on which they will be held. For instance, 3-M-T-W-TH is a four-day course while 17-T is a one-day course on Tuesday.

6) Once you have some titles that look appealing to you then you can read more detailed course descriptions under the tab called Course Descriptions that provides detail on each course.

7) Once you have made your selections, click the Registration Form tab. This form will take you to the official registration page.

8) The first thing we need you to tell us to complete the form is how many days you will be attending. The entire event is from Monday at 9:00am until Thursday at 4:30pm. You may attend any one-day or any combination of days. But, to get the most from the program, we hope you will join us for all four days.

9) The next part of the registration form includes a complete list of the courses under the session area. These are drop down boxes by day(s) of the course. When you see a course that you wish to attend click in the box to select that course. By clicking in the box you have let us know that is the course you will attend. The program will not allow you to select two courses that overlap in time, so double check the dates and times listed next to each course if you are experiencing difficulties.

10) After selecting your sessions, we will need your personal information and everything you see with a star next to it is required information for us to process your registration.

11) Under the payment section you will see you can pay with a credit card or let us know if you will be paying another way. You registration is not complete if no payment information is provided

12) If you are planning to apply for a scholarship, please visit the Scholarship tab as completing your registration with us here is a COMPLETELY separate process from applying for a scholarship.

13) Please keep in mind after May 24, 2013 refunds will be given only in the case of medical emergency. However, substitutions are always permitted.

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